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The website of NPUST International Alumini will link you up to the outside world. You can trace and find ex-classmates and get in touch with them here.  You can also share your career growth all after post-graduation era.

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103年至105年度畢業僑生流向調查表 僑(華)生是我國培育的重要人才,查每年畢業僑(華)生計約3千人,渠等畢業後如返回僑居國發展,以在臺所學之專業知識與技能努力發展事業,有助於協助政府拓展與僑居國之關係,成為我國與僑居國重要交流平臺。倘留臺工作,亦可充實我國產業所需人才,裨益我經貿外交之拓展,及整體國家競爭。 填寫問卷

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